Born in Istanbul, Emine Caykara is a graduate of Istanbul University’s Classical Archeology Faculty. Due to her background in French she spent the next few years after graduation as a professional tour guide. During that period she translated many works to Turkish such as, Kölelik (Slavery), Eski Mısır (Ancient Egypt), İnsanın En Güzel Tarihi (The Best History of Human Being), Ben Jane Tarzan’ı Arıyor (Me Jane Looking for Tarzan) and Picasso’nun Sofrası (A la Table de Picasso). Between 1993 and 2000 she worked as a journalist with the weekly magazine Panorama, as an editor with Turkuaz and Tempo as a science, religion and culture & arts editor. She also wrote numerable freelance articles about the history of Istanbul, it’s environs and culture. Caykara’s first novel Melek Annem ve Ben (My Angel Mother and I) published in 2001 and followed biographies as The Turkish Einstein, Oktay Sinanoglu, The Lady of Archeology, Muhibbe Darga and The North Star of Historians, Halil Inalcik. In  2007 she released her, The Entrusted Shadow, a book about an unknown Anzac soldier whose camera and photographs were rediscovered 90 years after his death in Gallipoli. In 2007-2008, she worked as the promotional adviser for Omercan, the organic farm in Canakkale and wrote the adventures of Ekocan, a fictional character she created for children and wrote articles on ecological issues for the monthly magazine, Eve. She wrote and produced documentaries such as Taştaki Sır(The Mysteries in Stone), first archaeological tv program of Turkey for cnnturk, İstanbullu (Istanbuliote), cultural city guide for TRT, Istanbul mon amour, Yenikapı (New Port) and Aydos: A Gateway to Istanbul. 

Her endless curiosity has led her to continue her education by taking courses and participating in endeavours such as the SARAT Project for the Protection and Rescue of Archaeological Assets.  She is currently pursuing studies in Cultural Heritage and Tourism at Istanbul University.

Emine Çaykara values historical and traditional culture that evokes curiosity by reminding us of the past, that enhances social cohesion and nurtures the future, and makes the present more livable. She works as cultural adviser for developing projects that contribute to creativity, sustainability, and to making our life more meaningful. melek annem