Taştaşi Sır (The Mystery in the Stone), which tells about the archaeological richness of Turkey, was aired on CNN in 2008. Written & Presented by Emine Caykara, Directed by Reyhan Yıldız and Berna Gürsoy Mamati
Episodes: Istanbul, Aphrodisias, Miletos – Didyme, Ephesos, Laodikeia, Van – The Urartians, Urla – Limantepe, Labraunda, Patara, Urfa – Göbeklitepe

İstanbullu Istanbulite, with a documentary flavor, is a show narrating the hidden corners and sights of Istanbul. Prepared by Emine Caykara, this weekly series tells about the city’s streets as it focuses on each neighborhood. Istanbullu explores what the people of the city know about it with street interviews as it travels through Istanbul’s history and discovers its mystical and multi-cultural features. The show comprises of 13 episodes of 20 minutes each. At the end of each episode, a well-known city figure (such as a mayor, minister of culture, designer, historian, artist, singer, etc.) talks about his/her view of the city.

Mogolların MeryemiSultanahmet

İstanbul mon amour

“Love is magical and mysterious. When you’re in love, you never think of leaving. But if one day you have to, you always long for the day you’ll come back and be reunited with your beloved.”

Istanbul… A city that withholds the modernity of today’s life, together with the mystical past of its great history. A city that has been a refuge during centuries for people from all sorts of cultures and religions. Both eastern and western with different religions and cultures, Istanbul is a chaotic and mysterious city full of surprises.

Istanbul mon amour consists of 2 episodes. Emine Çaykara tells us about her mystical city and its unfolded stories by plunging into the streets and mingling with the crowds. People who live in Istanbul share their feelings about the city and tell us what it means to love Istanbul and be addicted to it.
istanbul-tarihi yarımada-puslu

“We are now in a region called Yenikapı which takes its name from a new gate built during the period of the Ottoman Empire. One of the most important excavations in the world has been carried out here since 2004.”

Yeni Kapı (New Port)

The excavations of the Marmaray tunnel project and the new Metro line revealed the Theodosius Harbor of the old Roman and Byzantium city of Constantinople. 35 shipwrecks that had been lying there for ages were discovered here. In this documentary, a team of experts from Istanbul University will tell us all the details of the project regarding the uncovering, lifting and preservation of the vessels and how they are being prepared for exhibition.

“I am walking away from this incredible castle, which connects the routes and the conquests with Istanbul, and where the legend is intermingled with reality. My mind is at Aydos. I know that one day I will certainly come back here. And I will come back with the answers archeology gives to history.”

AYDOS: The Doorway to Istanbul A magnificent castle in Sultanbeyli, which has been covered by trees for centuries. A love story that has been cherished and recounted for centuries by historians and writers.

This incredible castle, which connects the routes and the conquests with Istanbul, and where the legend is intermingled with reality.The story that took place on that marvelous route leading from Aydos to Istanbul and what was encountered. This is the story of what was uncovered during the excavations in this castle where reality mingles with mythos, where conquests are connected to Istanbul. eng-Aydos